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My name is Michele Chester Yemane and I am the founder of English Teacher To Go!  

We are a school of English based in Southwest France and we specialize in creating and presenting language courses for groups and individuals.  We also organize workshops, seminars, and language trips.

Why choose English Teacher To Go?

Studies have shown that teaching methods which use a combination of sight (visual), hearing (auditory), and touch (kinesthetic) can positively impact the learning process.

For this reason, we promote learning that uses all of your senses.  Not only will we make sure that you learn in a deeper and more meaningful way-- we will also make sure that you fully enjoy the experience.

Personalized, dynamic, focused.

We design customized courses based on the objectives, learning style, and availability of each learner. 

We promise to always:

  • Be flexible.
  • Adapt the learning process according to your needs.
  • Provide you with a variety of learning materials (audio, video, PDF, PowerPoint).
  • Use the best teaching methods.

Online and face-to-face.

English Teacher To Go! conducts on-line classes to groups and individuals, as well as immersion workshops and seminars for all levels of students -- from pre-beginners to advanced, young and old, and from countries all over the world.

Our classes can be held on line via Wiziq learning platform, via Skype, by telephone, or face-to-face in our language studio here in Lectoure, France. 

To learn more about us:

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SKYPE teacher.michele.chester

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