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Read what the local press says about GO SLOW ENGLISH.


LECTOURE.  They learn English "gently".

Ysabel De la Serve | La Dépêche du Midi | May 18, 2012

(English Translation )  An international seminar which aims to teach English and which takes place in the Gers (department of Southwest France)?  It is possible! It is even very much appreciated.  Just ask the students who came to participate in this one-week seminar with Michele  Chester, creator of "English Teacher To Go"! 


In early May, six visitors arrived from Japan, Germany, Brazil, Catalonia ... and three French nationals, all who wished to improve their English for their work.They fell in love with the Gers because Michele is an excellent ambassador for the region. She created a website, a blog, and a system of internet courses which she likes to call "Go Slow English".


This course meets the demands of its students, accustomed to communicating by Internet or telephone.  With Go Slow English they get to know each other as well as slow down the speed of their busy lives, hence the seminar name. 


The seminar, this time, was based on the five senses.  It featured conversations over good meals, a treasure hunt to meet the locals, a trip down the Baïse, and the creation of an "art journal " – a personalized English textbook in which participants record  their feelings.  Result: after several years of decline, adults have gained confidence and their performance level on standardized exams has increased.


Michele also teaches young residents of Lectoure, ages 5 to 14 years using a method which takes into account age, English level, and personal interests. 


She trained as an anthropologist and has always given English lessons, first to immigrants when she lived in the U.S., helping them integrate into American society.  


Generous, she is helping the non-profit organization, Pachamamac-Churinkuna, to find a teacher of Quechua language for children in Peru.


To learn more about the seminar program, please contact Michele Chester at or call 33(0) 

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