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The Conversation Café is open.

The Conversation Café is an online meeting place where intermediate to advanced level English-language learners can practice their speaking and listening skills in a fun and casual environment.

Many people study English because they enjoy travel and exploring other cultures.  Inspired by Rick Mereki's short films "MOVE EAT LEARN", this year we have decided to research and share our dream travel destinations during the Conversation Café.


From October - November, participants will have the unique experience of leading a conversation session.  To access your Conversation Guidelines, click here.

The Conversation Café Incentive Program


  • Every time you attend the Conversation Class, you will earn 1 English Teacher To Go! "passport stamp". 
  • If you lead a conversation session you will receive 2 passport stamps. 
  • Collect 10 passport stamps and you will get a Visa for a free private English Class!

For more information on how you can participate in the Conversation Café, please contact us.




Welcome back to the Conversation Café!


The Conversation Café "" Session 1

The Conversation Café | "" | Session 1

About this Learning Experience

3,50 euros per session
Only pay for the sessions you can attend.
Pay via PayPal.

Contact to receive your electronic invoice + WIZIQ Classroom Link.

Session 1: Introduction

*Do you like to travel?
*Do you like meeting people from other cultures?
*Are you interested in using English to learn about other countries?
*Is your English language level intermediate or above?

If so, this Conversation Café Learning Experience is perfect for you.

During "" Session 1, you will watch and discuss 3 short videos:

1) Move

2) Learn

3) Eat

The videos and discussion are the first step in helping you prepare for the
next "" sessions (2 - 7).


By following this Learning Experience (Sessions 1 - 7), you will:

+Gain knowledge about how to give a successful online presentation.

+Improve your writing, speaking & listening skills.

+Build your vocabulary and improve your pronunciation skills.

+Gain information about different cultures.

+Get inspiring ideas for your next travel destination.

Participate in Sessions 1-7: receive ONE "passport stamp".

Prepare and give a presentation: receive TWO "passport stamps".

Receive TEN "passport stamps": win a "VISA" for a free private English Class.


The Conversation Cafe is Closed

The Conversation Café will be closed during the month of August.

Thanks to all the "tour guides" who participated in the various virtual road trips. Your excellent presentations gave us a unique look at the history and sites of cities around the world.

The Conversation Café will resume on September 12, 2015.  Stayed tuned for more details about our upcoming virtual road trips.  In the meantime, be safe as you travel!  Enjoy your summer!

To find out how you can join in on the fun and improve your English, contact Michele.