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Listening comprehension is is one of the most difficult skills to master.  

Listening to a variety of accents and using different media (movies, documentaries, radio programs) can help you perfect this skill.

Listen to Conversation Café participants read their essays. 

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According to researchers, it is almost impossible to achieve pronunciation of a native speaker when learning a foreign language after the age of 15.  This means that we are all "condemned" to have FOREIGN ACCENTS unless we learn a second language very early in life.  But, guess what?  It doesn't matter!  Everyone has an accent of some kind.  An accent is simply the way that you speak.  An accent is not an indicator of fluency.

According to the British Council, 375 million people speak English as a first language and around 750 million people are believed to speak English as a foreign language.  In other words, listeners are accustomed to hearing English pronounced in different "foreign" accents.

The goal of speaking any language is COMMUNICATION.  Unless your pronunciation is extremely poor, your accent should not be a problem, so forget about trying to sound like a native speaker.  It's not going to happen.  Instead, it will be easier for the native speaker (and non-native speaker) to broaden his or her range of hearing.  So listen to and become familiar with the different English accents that exist in the world.  Chinese.  Japanese.  French.  Italian.  Spanish. Brazilian. 

Finally, accents are beautiful indicators of diversity.  No two people look alike.  Why then should people all speak alike?  Besides, I will tell you a secret that English learners seem not to be aware of.  Native speakers find foreign accents to be very charming and often, quite sexy.  So please don't lose your charm or your sex-appeal. 

Do you agree with the CNN article ranking the world 12 sexiest accents?

1. Italian

2. French

3. Spanish

4. Czech

5. Nigerian

6. Irish

7. Oxford British

8. U.S. Southern

9. Brazilian Portuguese

10. Trinidadian

11. Thai

12. Argentine

Which speakers of English are easiest for you to understand?

Which speakers of English are most difficult for you to understand?

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