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Welcome back to the Conversation Café!


The Conversation Café "" Session 1

The Conversation Café | "" | Session 1

About this Learning Experience

3,50 euros per session
Only pay for the sessions you can attend.
Pay via PayPal.

Contact to receive your electronic invoice + WIZIQ Classroom Link.

Session 1: Introduction

*Do you like to travel?
*Do you like meeting people from other cultures?
*Are you interested in using English to learn about other countries?
*Is your English language level intermediate or above?

If so, this Conversation Café Learning Experience is perfect for you.

During "" Session 1, you will watch and discuss 3 short videos:

1) Move

2) Learn

3) Eat

The videos and discussion are the first step in helping you prepare for the
next "" sessions (2 - 7).


By following this Learning Experience (Sessions 1 - 7), you will:

+Gain knowledge about how to give a successful online presentation.

+Improve your writing, speaking & listening skills.

+Build your vocabulary and improve your pronunciation skills.

+Gain information about different cultures.

+Get inspiring ideas for your next travel destination.

Participate in Sessions 1-7: receive ONE "passport stamp".

Prepare and give a presentation: receive TWO "passport stamps".

Receive TEN "passport stamps": win a "VISA" for a free private English Class.

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