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Michele Chester, Founder & Chief Learning Officer

My name is Michele.  I am originally from the USA.  I currently live in France.

I teach English to the world.  My students come from Japan, China, Korea, Brazil, Mexico, France, Germany, and beyond.

My students are young and old, businesspeople, housewives, and students.  Read what they say about me. 

"Michele is excellent.  She encourages student using English. Her friendly voice always give student a comfy feeling. I will suggest the teacher to other students and I also want to take a lesson from her again." ~ J. Wu, Taiwan


"I'm fully satisfied with her lesson!" ~ S. Fujimoto, Japan


"It was many students but the Teacher is personable and solicitous. She gives a time to every student for statements.  She also wrote what we said.  It's helpful.  Thank you!" ~ S. He, China


"You are the most experienced teacher I have ever seen....  Thank you very much!!!   I love you and your class very much!!" ~ D. Chen, China



My name is Robert. I am originally from India. I currently live in New Delhi.  I speak American English. I like playing basketball, fishing, music (playing the drums), spending quality time with my family, and teaching English!!  

I teach English to learners of all backgrounds -- from students to adult learners (managers, engineers and executives).

My students come from Vietnam, Korea, India, France, Russia, Algeria, the Comoros, Japan, and beyond.

Teaching learners from different parts of the world helps me learn about different cultures and it also improves my teaching methodology in the most efficient and interesting way.

Here's what my students say about me:

"If you need to improve your english I recommend Robert for his expertise, efficacy and good relationship-building skills” ~ Hervé Poignet, France 

"Robert is one of those people who doesn't monotonously just go by the rules or modules, but analysis the group and their needs in order to personalise each session. He knows how to build relationships while building our vocabulary. He ensures the sessions are helpful while being enjoyable.”~ Rashmi Nair, India




My name is Barbara and I partner with business professionals worldwide to provide Business English coaching and instruction.  I have 25 years experience in a wide range of professional environments and diverse cultures.  I have worked for international, national and regional corporations and taught English to students from Europe, Asia and the United States.

I am originally from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and currently live near Washington, DC. 

In my leisure time, I enjoy writing poetry, photography and music.



Hey, what's up?  My name is Saba.  I'm an American studying French at the University of Toulouse in France.  I love music, cinema, literature, art, art, and art.


I can teach you "REAL ENGLISH" as well as Academic English. I am an expert on American English slang and idioms.  I can help you understand all those American movies and television series you love to watch.  


For students, I am also able to help you with writing and correcting your English essays.

By the way, I can teach you French, too.